Amazon A+ Content with No Cost
October 28, 2022 Posted by JAZLYN HERRING

Are you searching for $250,000 and free Premium A+ content on Amazon? There is now a new, free option to accomplish just that. Amazon is currently promoting brands on its site with Premium A+ content. This means you can now expose your brand to tens of millions of potential customers, increasing your visibility and revenues. We'll tell you all about it in this blog article!

Amazon once charged brands $250,000 for Premium A+ content - Profit Cyclops strongly advises you to take this opportunity to add Premium A+ to your pages!

Note from Amazon: If we decide to charge a price for Premium A+ material, we will notify you and allow you to opt-in.

How do I qualify for premium A+ content?

You are qualified for Premium A+ content if you have published A+ brand stories across your ASIN library and have had at least 15 A+ content projects approved in the last 12 months for each Amazon shop.

Premium A+ access is awarded at the conclusion of each month. If you meet the requirements, you will see a banner in the A+ content manager allowing you access to the content.

How can I obtain Premium A+ Content?

Sellers who have registered with Amazon Brand Registry as a Brand Owner are now eligible for free Premium A+ content for a limited-time promotional period.

Premium A+ content includes new and larger module categories, such as video, image carousels, and interactive hotspots, in the product description area of the product detail page. Using Premium A+ content can boost your sales by 20%.

Using the A+ content manager, you may publish Premium A+ material for all registered ASINs during the promotional period.

What exactly is Amazon A+ content?

Amazon's A+ Content enables sellers to provide advanced details for product features, such as a detailed list, graphs, videos, high-resolution pictures, custom text, and so on. This function is intended for vendors that want to enhance their conversion rates and sales.

If your business has been using Amazon's EBC program for some time, you might be interested in learning how to use Amazon Enhanced Marketing Content. While the name was simplified for both sellers and vendors, the function of this feature hasn't changed.

What are the Benefits of Amazon A+ Content?

A competitive edge is required when selling products on Amazon. Content is really crucial in promoting your business. This content was created for high-quality, high-converting items to increase your company's sales. This allows you to persuade folks that your product is worth buying with eye-catching promotional materials.

It provides buyers with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to differentiate their products from the competition through similar variations. Prior to this time, vendors faced significant hurdles in differentiating themselves due to Amazon's restrictive policies and guidelines. With A+ content it gives sellers the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and reach more potential customers.

Amazon A+ Page Template Examples:

Premium A+ Content enables you to include:

You can add interactive hotspots, and video and image carousels to your product pages. This is an excellent approach to demonstrate your items in action and provide customers with a more immersive experience.

For example, A+ content can be particularly helpful in pushing beauty brands. Colors are important in the cosmetics industry. Take note of how Amazon A+ Content highlights every nail color. On the detail pages, the company also includes a section for Frequently Asked Questions. The ad's light and vivid colors make it visually appealing. Include high-resolution photos that highlight the product's main components for people that are looking for more information about the products.

Is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Searchable?

A+ Content, unlike product descriptions, has never been indexed by Amazon. Despite adding the text/image option to the menu, keyword searches were unable to display. Text and photos A+, on the other hand, are still indexed by Google. This can assist your business in being found on SERPs. It can also help your rankings by increasing conversions indirectly. Increased sales lead to a higher ranking as the conversion rate improves.

In Conclusion:

Look no further than the new Premium A+ Content offer if you are an Amazon merchant trying to increase product sales. In exchange for enhanced product visibility and higher conversion rates, this program provides free upgraded content placement on

Do you want Amazon A+ content services? Our staff can assist you in designing and submitting your Premium A+ Content application, allowing you to capitalize on this significant marketing opportunity. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

Jazlyn Herring
Marketing Associate