Amazon New Seller Incentives Program

June 22, 2022 Posted by LEWIS FLETCHER
Amazon New Seller Incentives Program

Amazon has recently launched an Amazon New Seller Incentives program which aims to attract new sellers to its platform. Aimed at smaller brands, its intention is to connect new sellers with potential customers quickly and thus stimulate profits right from the off.

Potentially available to sellers for a whole year, those who qualify for the Professional Selling plan have access to a range of incentives worth over $50,000.

If products are launched in a new region existing sellers will also be able to gain access to the benefits. Currently available in the US, Europe, and Japan, sellers operating in the UK, France, Spain, and Italy will only qualify once for the region.

Benefits of Amazon’s New Seller Incentives Program

Those who qualify as brand owners with Amazon Brand Registry have the following benefits to look forward to.

  • A 5% bonus on up to $1 million in eligible branded sales (maximum of $50,000 in bonus value) or for 1 year after eligibility is confirmed, whichever comes first. $50,000 in bonus payments are up for grabs here; these are received as monthly credit which the seller can apply to the next month’s referral fees.
  • Amazon Vine - $200 in credits. Guaranteeing sellers credible reviews enrolment in the Vine program costs $200 per parent ASIN. In order to participate brand owners need to give free units to reviewers. Other criteria for enrolment include items being enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, having fewer than 30 reviews, product and image description, the product being already launched with available inventory, and having an FBA offer in ‘new’ condition which can be purchased.
  • Transparency - $100 in credits. Zeroing in on defects in the supply chain, improving customer experience, and stopping the flow of counterfeit goods from reaching paying customers are the main objectives of the Transparency program.

Access to the following benefits is available to new sellers who adopt Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) hosted fulfillment services…

  • The Amazon Partnered Carrier program gets you $100 credits in inventory shipping fees while Amazon Global Logistics gives an even more generous $200 in credits in fulfillment fees. Amazon Global Logistics is a program for international sellers as it facilitates the transport of inventory to warehouses the world over.
  • FBA New Selection provides free monthly storage, liquidations for poorly-selling inventory, and return processing for a seller’s eligible new-to-FBA ASINs.
  • New sellers using FBA have the option of launching a Sponsored Products pay-per-click campaign that lasts for at least 30 days (with no end date). The reward is up to $200 in promotional clicks. Unfortunately, this incentive is unavailable to sellers in France, Italy, Spain, or Turkey.
  • New sellers using Amazon Coupons can get $50 in coupon credits and advertise their products on the Amazon store using innovative promotional campaigns.

Who can take part in the Amazon New Seller Incentives?

If you launch your first buyable ASIN on a Professional selling plan on January 1st, 2022, or later then you qualify for the incentives. Certain benefits are only available to sellers who have opted for the Amazon Brand Registry and others are only available for those who joined the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program.

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New Brand Owner Benefits and Eligibility

A 5% bonus on branded sales and credits for Vine and Transparency is only available to sellers who have completed Amazon Brand Registry no later than six months after their first buyable ASIN was listed.

In addition to this, to get Transparency and Vine credits, a seller has to enroll into the Vine and Transparency programs. A registered trademark and Amazon Brand Registry enrollment are essential if a seller wants to get access to the Transparency benefits.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Seller Benefits and Eligibility

Inventory shipping discount, Sponsored Product credits, and eligibility for the auto-enrolment into FBA New Selection are available to sellers who send their inventory to an Amazon fulfillment center. If this is not done within 12 months of their first buyable ASIN being listed then no benefits can be accessed.

Furthermore, Sponsored Products credits are available to sellers who launch a campaign with no end date for an FBA ASIN. The initial reward is $100 in credits. The second $100 in credits is obtainable for sellers who advertise an FBA ASIN for at least 30 days. If your account was registered in France, Italy, Spain, and Turkey then you are not eligible for promotional clicks credits through this program.

Expert Help

With so many benefits available to new sellers there has never been a better time to launch your product on Amazon. This guide has introduced you to the basics of how to get started with the incentive programs, and you can find even more information about how to make the best use of all the help available to you by reading our Profit Cyclops blog page here at

Lewis Fletcher
Senior Content Manager