Introducing Amazon's Tailored Audiences: A Powerful Tool for Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

August 8, 2023 Posted by JAZLYN HERRING
Introducing Amazon's Tailored Audiences

In the world of e-commerce, building strong connections with customers is paramount to success. Sellers are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage with shoppers, both new and existing. Recognizing this need, Amazon has unveiled its latest feature, "Tailored Audiences," which promises to revolutionize email marketing campaigns and enable brands to cultivate lasting relationships with their customers.

Last year, Amazon Customer Engagement introduced the option for brands to connect with shoppers who choose to "follow" their store or brand. This feature raised visibility with new customers, but sellers expressed a desire for more tools to engage with their existing customer base. Responding to these requests, Amazon has unveiled Tailored Audiences as an exciting enhancement to the Amazon Customer Engagement tool.

Tailored Audiences enables brands to personalize their marketing campaigns and target customers based on specific attributes such as product interest and brand loyalty. Previously, sellers using Amazon Customer Engagement were limited to marketing to a single segment of their customer base: brand followers or shoppers who opt to "follow" their stores. With Tailored Audiences, brands can now reach out to customers who have made purchases from their brand in the past twelve months.

This new tool empowers sellers to create compelling email marketing campaigns using easy-to-use campaign templates and customer segmentation capabilities. By leveraging Tailored Audiences, brands can inform their select customers about new products, offer exclusive deals, and inspire repeat purchases. This personalized approach is a powerful strategy to drive brand loyalty, retention, and engagement.

Currently, Tailored Audiences is being tested in a beta program, available to U.S. sellers who have become a brand registered with customers in the last twelve months. The tool can be accessed through Seller Central, under Brands > Customer Engagement. Amazon has plans to make Tailored Audiences available to all eligible sellers in the near future, making it an invaluable addition to their Customer Engagement toolset.

When utilizing Tailored Audiences, sellers can engage with three distinct customer groups who have already made purchases from their Amazon store. These groups include Repeat Customers (customers who have ordered the brand's products more than once in the last twelve months), High-Spend Customers (the highest spending 25% of the brand's customers in the last twelve months), and Recent Customers (the most recent 20% of customers who have purchased from the brand).

To ensure the success of email marketing campaigns, Amazon's Manage Your Customer Engagement tool offers key performance metrics that allow sellers to monitor the impact of their campaigns. These metrics include open rate, click-through rates, emails delivered, opt-out rate, sales, and conversion. By closely monitoring these metrics, sellers can optimize their campaigns and achieve the best possible results.

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To maximize the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns and yield optimal outcomes, sellers are encouraged to follow some best practices. These include promoting deals and new products as the primary focus, utilizing lifestyle images as supporting visuals, incorporating supporting products in the campaign, limiting the frequency of campaigns to one per brand per week (or less), sending campaigns when customers are most engaged, and using a brand logo image with a transparent background.

Amazon understands that sellers' needs and preferences are ever-evolving, and as such, they are continuously working on enhancing their tools. While Tailored Audiences is currently in beta testing, Amazon plans to release the full version within the next six months. The future release will bring additional features, including the ability to upload custom HTML and improved templates, enabling sellers to unleash their creativity in email campaigns.

Stay tuned for Amazon's upcoming customer engagement best practice guide, which will provide further valuable tips on leveraging the Tailored Audiences tool for re-marketing. Amazon remains committed to empowering sellers with effective marketing solutions and continues to drive innovation to help brands thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

In conclusion, Tailored Audiences is a game-changing tool for sellers on Amazon. It opens up new avenues for recovering abandoned carts, reaching out to repeat buyers with discount codes, and executing personalized email campaigns. With the ability to engage with customers based on their past interactions, sellers can nurture lasting relationships, boost brand loyalty, and drive increased sales. We highly recommend sellers to seize this opportunity and start leveraging the power of Tailored Audiences to elevate their email marketing efforts.

Jazlyn Herring
Marketing Associate