Finding Products to Sell on Amazon
June 28, 2022 Posted by FAITH EVANS

These days, everyone is feeling the bite that inflation is taking out of their budget. Many are looking for ways to find new ways to increase their income. This often takes the shape of creating a new business, a profitable side hustle that can lead to economic freedom. Those in the know understand that becoming an Amazon seller offers an amazing opportunity to begin that path to freedom.

That being said, the question these intrepid entrepreneurs often have is: What should I offer for sale on Amazon?

Look no further! We’ve put together this quick and easy guide to help you with that quest.

Everyday Life

Approach this question by first looking around your home and what things you require for everyday life.

  • Draw ideas from your immediate surroundings
  • Consider the products you often purchase at the stores you frequent
  • Focus on the goods in your home
  • Keep your mind open to products you can offer as you go about your day
Bargains at the Big Box Stores
  • Costco, Best Buy, and other bargain stores can be a source of inspiration
  • Look at reviews on Amazon
  • Find the products that capture your interest and compare the reviews you see
  • Use the user feedback you find to come up with ideas for products that would solve the problems you see
  • Focus on Top Sellers for inspiration and guidance to fill a niche they aren’t
Handmade Items
  • In these days of mass production, handmade has a special charm
  • Etsy, Pinterest, and Amazon Handmade can show the way
  • Turn your hobby into a way to power your new venture
  • Visit arts and crafts markets and stores for opportunities
  • Vacations abroad can also offer ideas and unique products for your store
Kickstarter, İndiegogo, and other Crowdfunders
  • Find out what’s hot
  • Even if something didn’t get off the ground, it can still fly in the right hands
  • Research opportunities and look for good ideas that just need better marketing
Check for Expired Patents
  • Before you adopt another’s idea, make 100% sure the patent has expired
  • If it’s merely a design patent and not a utility patent, you may be able to make use of it.
Websites like Yiwugo and Alibaba
  • Perform a reverse search to find a high demand on Amazon for its counterpart on these other marketplaces
Fairs and Trade Shows
  • Attending these events can give you a hands-on experience with potential products for your new store
  • Find unique objects not available online
  • Research for annual shows in your area or take a trip to favorites such as ASD in Las Vegas, the Yiwu market in China, or the Canton fair in China
  • A clear idea of what you are looking for can guide the way but be open to wandering around for inspiration
  • Make connections with the vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers that you may want to work with
But wait, there’s more…
  • Infomercials, Shopify, and Brand Analytics can all help you identify a niche you’d like to exploit

Choosing a Product to Sell

7 Basic Steps:
  • Verify a demand exists
  • Identify your competition
  • Find a manufacturer who offers good value
  • Decide on packaging
  • Place the order for your product
  • Create your Amazon listing
  • Launch!

Products that Amazon Seller Beginners Should Avoid

  • Avoid restricted products such as those with Bluetooth
  • Restricted items require special fees and/or FDA approval and other such obstacles
  • Avoid products that are legal in some areas but not others
  • Avoid products that contain pesticides or other hazardous materials
  • Avoid medical and sexual wellness products
  • Avoid products sold throughout China as these have a definitive price advantage
  • Avoid fragile products
  • Avoid products that are not gated
  • Avoid seasonal products
  • Avoid patented products
  • Avoid products with lots of variations in color, size, etc
  • Be aware of categories with products all at the same price
Study your Competition
  • Make sure you differentiate your product from your competitors
  • Be wary of categories that big brands like Adidas or Nike dominate such as sports
  • Compete against fellow private sellers
Beginners should keep an eye for Amazon products like these
  • Newer products
  • Products with poor packaging
  • Products with poor listings
  • Listings with sub-par imaging
  • Listings without descriptions
  • Products only found locally
  • Large products
  • A niche and/or focused keywords for your product
  • Ways to set your product apart from the crowd

Once you have studied these steps to choosing a product to bring to market, you will be well on your way to the independence that will change your life forever. Approach these steps one at a time, be patient and allow for trial and error. Remember that the journey of 10,000 miles begins with a single step. What’s your first one?

Faith Evans
Product Manager