How to Capitalize on Amazon’s FBA Grade and Resell Program
November 14, 2022 Posted by FAITH EVANS

Have you got unsold and returned inventory from your Amazon storefront? To the uninitiated, this situation a headache whereby they have to pay to return or dispose of this troublesome inventory. But the savvy Amazon takes advantage of the by-invitation FBA Grade and Resell Program to relist and sell their unfulfillable items.

Amazon grades and creates a listing for items you submit through the FBA Grade and Resell program. Just like your normal storefront, you set the prices and manage the listings for these items.

Program Eligibility

To be eligible, sellers must be invited. Getting an invite does not mean that all of your items will be suitable for resale.

Both US and non-US sellers selling in the US can receive an invitation. This program was specifically created for the returned FBA inventory found in fulfillment centers. Not all ASINS may be included and those that are accepted are vetted to make sure they are suitable for resale.

Make sure you review Amazon’s FBA Grade and Resell program page to read the fine print. As with most offers, terms and conditions change periodically, so keep an eye out for updates.

How It Works

Amazon automates the onboarding process to the program. Follow these easy steps:

  • Submit inventory by selecting “Grade and Resell” from your Automated unfulfillable settings.
  • Choose the price settings
  • Enter ASINs that should be excluded. Amazon will grade your inventory through a 20-point inspection based on a questionnaire of your product’s category
  • Check your Removal Order Detail report to keep track of the status of graded inventory
  • Set your prices and manage your listing

How Does Grading Work?

Amazon has a process to evaluate and determine the condition of customer returns. This same process is employed for relisting an item. They assign items one of the four following conditions:

  • Used- Like New
  • Used- Very Good
  • Used- Good
  • Used- Acceptable

Items that are deemed damaged in such a way that makes them difficult to use, are missing essential parts, or are in need of repair. Review Amazon’s condition guidelines section about unacceptable and prohibited items for clarification.

Feedback and FBA Grade and Resell

Low star and low seller feedback ratings make products ineligible for the program. Therefore, you should be careful to submit those items that will not affect your account's health and brand reputation. High-volume ASINs will protect your product and seller feedback rating.

Faith Evans
Product Manager