Getting Discovered on Amazon
July 13, 2022 Posted by LAURA WILSON

External links are a great way of driving traffic to your Amazon page but you shouldn’t rely solely on this. To sell well you really have to know how to promote yourself on the platform itself.


We repeat this again here because it’s so important – title, bullet points, description and backend all have to be well chosen to stand out from the crowd.

Right Category

If you’re in the wrong category you won’t show up on a search page even if your keywords are great. Generally, Amazon only allows a product to be listed in one category. Under no circumstances should you deliberately list your item in the wrong category. and contain a wealth of information about this subject if you want to know more. In addition, have a look at where your competitors have listed their products and follow suit.

Listing Title

Keep it under 200 words and make it to the point. Better conversion rates come from using longer-tail keywords. Short-tail keywords are ultra-competitive and always in very high demand. Try to settle on a name and stick with it; changing your product title after thirty days is not ideal – returning customers may be confused by the alteration.

Bullet Points

The first three are the most important and should contain the main keywords. The first 1000 characters are where the key info should be. Distribute your keywords evenly. Mobile shoppers in particular see the upper part of the description first so focus on that area.

Search Terms, Subject Matter and other Backend Issues

If you failed to convey product info in your front-end then the backend allows extra space for any stuff you couldn’t fit in earlier. 250 bytes (not characters) is the maximum permitted in the search term field.

Optimize your listing by filling in as much information as possible (color, material, intended use, battery type etc). You never know what exact specifications customers might be interested in when making the decision to buy so include as much as possible. Include misspellings and Spanish keywords.

Miscellaneous Tips and Recommendations

In order to put a stop to personalized search results open your listing in private or incognito mode in Google Chrome (desktop, tablet and phone). This has the added benefit of letting you know what potential customers see when they click on your item page.

Even though you might think PPC ads are unnecessary you should still run them. Even if you’re hitting the number 1 spot organically paid ads are still necessary to maintain that position. Only lower your PPC spending if your product is selling well (but carry on running ads). Budget is important here – don’t throw money away on expensive ads when you don’t see any long-term returns from this strategy.

Outside Traffic

External links will drive customers to your page. Facebook ads are currently the most sought-after site but Pinterest, Instagram, blogs and a whole host of others are also good options. Consider coupon codes and custom links with keywords as well.

Laura Wilson
Content Creator