How to Rank on Top of Amazon

May 10, 2022 Posted by LAURA WILSON
How to Rank on Top of Amazon

Amazon's search engine is product-based, unlike other search engines it connects users directly with products. The search algorithm is designed to sell products and it is important for sellers to use this algorithm to their advantage and rank their products at the top of the search results. It is important to understand the signals that Amazon's A9 algorithm gives off and what factors affect a product's ranking. Here are some tips to use on-page optimization to maximize your selling potential.

Here are some important factors in selling potential:

  1. You must know everything about the product you are trying to sell. For example, this would be the dimensions, size, or material that a product is made for. This description could include the answers to the most random questions, but it shows that you are familiar with your products. A more in-depth description is likely to entice customers to buy the product.
  2. Knowing your audience is just as important as knowing your product. There are a few questions you can ask about your target audience. Who is most likely to buy this product? What would appeal to this audience? What is their lifestyle like? How can your product assist them with challenges in their daily life? Your product can be a solution to a problem, a way to achieve a goal, meant for entertainment or fashion. Remember, for example, that if you are selling products for children their parents are the ones with the buying power so they would be your target audience.
  3. Knowing your competition is also important to selling potential. You should spend time analyzing what they are doing that is working for them, and what can set you apart from the competition. You can use their success as a template, and then figure out how you can do it even better. One way to do this is to read through similar products' customer reviews and analyze the positive and negative comments from customers. You can see what customers love about the product and highlight this in the description of your own listings. You can use the negative comments to improve your listings and stand out from the competition. This is particularly important if there are many listings similar to your own on Amazon.

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Now that you know your target audience, your customer base, your competition, and of course your product back and forth, it is important to discover your keywords. In order to find your product, a customer can use a single word or phrase in the search engine. This is critical to your organic search rankings as well as on-page optimization. The more thorough you are with keywords the easier the search ranking process will be. You can use the search bar on Amazon and begin typing a phrase relative to your product. Many of the previous searches by customers will appear and you can use this to pull out popular keywords for your own product listing. You can also use identical keywords to other listings that would be related to your product. Don't forget to look at competitor keywords when creating a listing for your product, as well as other phrases that can be used in your own listing.

Crafting the listing is the final step in the process. Using your research to craft a perfect title, bullet and description will enhance your on-page optimization.

This title should include brand + product + feature 1 + feature 2

What this means is that first, we include the brand name of the product, the product itself, a feature of the product (think physical description) and another feature (this could be a function of the product). Remember to use the keywords you had previously researched when deciding on a product title and your target audience will be more likely to be reached.

Now that the title has been created, you will need to think of bullet points that not only address customer questions but also address their needs in a product. These points need to be attention grabbing and include clear keywords. This will improve your rankings even more.

A very important thing to remember is that your customers are real humans searching for products to fit their needs, and not bots. When thinking of keywords and bullet points, write them in a natural manner so they are able to lead customers directly to your product in an organic way. Look at listings as a way to communicate about your product with your customers, answer their questions and represent your products in a genuine way. Being clear about your products and answering questions ahead of time in the bullet points will save you time on customer service.

With these tactics, you will have some control over your own rankings on Amazon. In order to rank on top, and keep these ideas in mind when creating your listing.

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Laura Wilson
Content Creator