How to Set Up Promotional Discounts and Coupons on Amazon
May 18, 2022 Posted by LEWIS FLETCHER

You know how effective promotions in the form of discounts and coupons are in attracting new customers. Ever wonder how to set those up on Amazon? Here’s your pain-free guide for how to add these promotions to your store.


Seller Central

  • Visit the Advertising tab located in Seller Central and click ‘Promotions’
  • Choose between a social media promo, free shipping, percentage-off or buy one get one free (BOGO)
  • See your promotions appear on your product listing page
  • Create product selections(s) by ASIN
  • Determine the parameters of how much customers must buy/spend to earn the discount
  • Pick promotion start/end dates

Claim Codes

  • None: discount can be auto-applied
  • Group: one code given to a group that can be reused by other recipients
  • Single-use: one-time codes; generates a list that is downloadable as a text file
  • Claim code combinability: ‘preferential ‘ option is suggested
  • Deselect ‘detail page display text ‘ to keep code secret and thus avoid casual shoppers emptying your inventory
  • Select ‘ Amazon influencers and associates’ to deliver your promo code to affiliates and influencers in the Amazon universe
  • Get posts about your promotion through social media and traffic referred by influencers

How to Set Up Deals

Where Can You See Deals?

  • Deals of the Day’ feature and ‘See All Deals’ option are often found on the Amazon home page
  • Customers look for Deals of the Day, Lightning deals and so forth on the Amazon home page

How Deals Work: 7 Day Deals and Lightning Deals

  • ‘Today’s Deals’: Amazon’s dedicated sales page
  • 7 Day Deals
    • Increase sales velocity and reviews
    • Move out products to be discontinued
    • Thin out overstock
    • 7 days or less duration
  • Lightning Deals
    • Flash style: 4-6 hour sales
    • Lightning fast sale velocity
    • Perfect for holidays and Prime Day

What are Deals Good For?

  • Create momentum for selling some slow-moving product
  • Lower your storage fees by moving excess product
  • Clear out your discontinued products

How to Set Up a Deal

  • In Seller Central, go to Advertising| -> Deals-> ‘Create a New Deal
  • Amazon will indicate what products you can make deals for
  • New sellers with no sales history or reviews may not be eligible
  • 3-star minimum rated products
  • Sales history required
  • Non-restricted categories only (ineligible categories include adult and medical devices)
  • Products must be FBA
  • No problematic products with numerous past performance issues
  • Seller feedback such as 5 feedback/mo average to indicate activity
  • Wait time to build a reputation needed
  • Avoid prohibited words or excessive heavy discounts
  • Select 7-day or Lightning deals
    • Flat fee, not per item
    • Pick a date range
    • 20% discount minimum
    • Product variations
      • As many as you want as defined by your strategy
      • For clothing items, at least 60% of the variations must be included
    • Review details and adjust deal as needed
    • Cancel the deal if you don’t like the assigned time window
    • Canceling too many times may result in penalties

Miscellaneous Bits

  • $ 150 Lightning Deal fee
  • Increased fees for holidays
  • Fee is charged regardless of the result
  • Fee to sales ration found in deals window
  • Multiple deals are permitted
  • Minimum quantity required.
  • Quantity can be increased
  • Social proof can be reviewed through current deals and the percentage claimed
    • Track social proof throughout the deal and increase as needed
    • Increase bit by bit to show a higher number of percentage claimed

Now that you have gone through the steps in our guide to setting up promo discounts and coupons on Amazon, you know everything you need to launch your first campaign. Put this knowledge into action and watch your sales increase like never before!

Lewis Fletcher
Senior Content Manager